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We curate mailed kits of engaging content to infuse joy & bring tactile connection to your virtual hybrid in person communities & events.

Choose between custom event packages or standalone products.

Fixed price projects

Receive on time

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Hey Event Hosts!

Are you wanting to facilitate real connections that drive engagement and convert into your offer?

How would it feel to...

Confidently deliver your best work as you turn your attendees into raving fans.

All while having more time to do what you do best?

Without being stopped by...

The time suck of being bogged down by all the details of sourcing, packing and shipping.

Wasting money by not being connected to the best industry sources and methods.

Being frustrated by unresponsive suppliers mucking up your orders and missing deadlines?

It is possible...

To enroll more attendees in your program while having more time, money, and freedom. All while delighting your community with activities and branded merch. We take a strategy-first approach to design each kit specifically for you and your community. Our goal is to look amazing and arrive on time.

Our Focus


Let us handle the hassle of tracking down quality content to engage your audience. With our network of independent makers and shops, we've got your covered.


Our in house design team can create and customize engaging content to help facilitate fun and meaningful connections.


We can handle all the ordering, sorting and trouble shooting that last minute computer glitch, so you don't have to.


We'll take care of making sure each Kit is safely and loving wrapped, packed and shipped to your community.

Connection Kits are created to help you...
  • Cross “Being an amazing event host” off your list.
  • Build your community in fun and engaging ways.
  • Help your attendees feel appreciated, and inspired to share and connect as they rave about your event and enroll in your offer and recruit their friends.

We provide curation, design, coordination, and fulfillment. Event planners, coaches, and facilitators can focus on what you do best. Let us sweat the nitty-gritty details to build and deliver your Connection Kits.

So you can experience...

More time to focus on running your best event leading to the delight and dollars of your community.

And help you to...

Host your best event ever.

about us

Connection Kits elevate the idea of a swag bag by design. Let’s infuse a moment of joy and inspire social sharing. Facilitate connections around the experience of receiving a gift as part of your next event whether it’s virtual, hybrid or in person.

Our Kits are personally tailored for your events, conferences,  and communities. They can be a one time purchase or an ongoing fulfillment.

Our team

As a high risk family impacted by COVID we came up with Connection Kits as a way to infuse joy and connection into virtual events.

We bring decades of experince in event marketing, design and relationships. And we're not just some promotional products company. We're designers of branded experience, and community builders that care.

We created this because we saw a disconnect betwee event organizers, attendees and sponsors brought on by the shift to virtual events. Before too long we saw this was actually a golden opportunity to drive even more engagement than in person had previously offered.

Elevate your next event by leveraging our unique insight, built on decades of experience in event marketing, production design and nurturing relationships. Together with our clients we seeing increased conversions and enrollments. By fulfilling our shared need for connection engagements go up and fun ensues.

Connection Kits is a service of Hornsby Creative.

Anilia Hornsby
Anilia Hornsby

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Yarn Addict
Tattoo Collector
Brand Therapist

John Hornsby
John Hornsby

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Ninja
Drawing addict
Experiential Designer
Letters and Shapes Enthusiast


What our community is saying.

“John and Anilia were exceptionally helpful in curating Connection Kits for an event that I hosted virtually at my company. Together, we brainstormed the overall feeling we wanted recipients to have and they orchestrated the ordering, wrapping and shipping of all the materials. Highly recommend!”

Samantha K

Kimberly Clark

The exercise prompted me to reconsider my professional goals and ended up allowing me to see a path forward on a totally different trajectory. I never knew conference swag could change my life!

AIGA Design Conference Attendee

Businesses that trust us to deliver!

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We won't spam or share your info. Just occasional fun updates about what's going on and insider discount offers. Connection Kits is a service of Hornsby Creative, LLC. As such updates may come from or include info about Hornsby Creative like our current playlist, community engagement, and design projects.

Schedule your personal Connection Kits Brainstorming Session

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We will delve into the details of your next event. Get clear on your programming, goals, and right-fit client to help brainstorm the ideal Connection Kit of swag and activities to send your community.

Includes a 90 minute discovery and brainstorming session along with a personalized follow up proposal for your custom designed Connection Kit. Together we’ll design the perfect blend of swag and activities for your event and budget. Get back more time, money and freedom while we surprise and delight your community.

The Circular Journey - Creative Retreat to Spain

Jul 3 – 10, 2022

Are you are craving an opportunity to travel, explore and get re-connected to your creativity? How does escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life in a historic Spanish town while exploring architectural beauty and culture sound? How about building community through creative practices inspired by themes of pilgrimage, journey & place? If this sounds like you then…

Join WNC creatives Gabe Swinney and John Hornsby as we’ve teamed up with the proprietors of Flores Del Camino along the Camino de Santiago in Castrillo De Los Polvazares in Spain to provide this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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