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Video Mastery Live – Case Study

Virtual event swag boxes and envelopes for Inspired Living

We had the pleasure of partnering with Sage Event Management to produce event kits of branded swag for Keri Murphy’s Video Mastery Live virtual event.  Keri’s event was focused on teaching her community how to show up and stand out using simple video marketing & branding secrets. 

Although we lead with strategy first design as part of our holistic service, we also can easily work with your team as design agencies, or event producers to execute your vision. We are detail-focused and a bit obsessed with honoring your brand vision and minding the details of your project.

Such was the case with this event. Sage had the clear vision in place with Keri for what they wanted in the kits and we took care of the project management and execution of sourcing, ordering, packing and shipping.

Multi Kit VIP & General Admittance Strategy

One of the common methods we employ with our event kits is two options based on the ticket level. We can produce branded boxes full of inspirational merchandise and activities for that VIP experience. We produced more economical flat envelope swag for the general admittance audience. This is not a requirement. Some clients do all boxes or all flat. It’s really about what will work best for you and your community.

We recommend the swag box be only one component of a VIP upgrade. That should include other perks as well like bonus VIP-only sessions, laser coaching, or other red velvet rope access items. Just make sure that the general audience also has an amazing experience and can still reap the full value of their investment. Your event kits work best as a surprise and delight deliverable rather than a promised outcome. Let’s face it, one or two will get lost or delayed in transit and those attendees will not be happy if you promised it.

Post event inventory management

One of the biggest pain points we encounter with clients is uncertainty around ticket sales and how many kits to order. What to do when your counting on last minute ticket sales, yet need to order materials in advance? We have a few recommendations on that front.

Think about the long game

Is this the only event you ever plan to do? Or is the event model a part of your overall business strategy to sustain or grow? Most successful clients or on a cycle of 1-4 events per year. Investing upfront in inventory will yield better unit prices, saving money in the long game. Just be mindful of perishables that won’t last. Throwing away extra chocolate makes us really sad. We like chocolate.

Keep it evergreen

For branded merch, we recommend keeping the printing evergreen. What we mean by that is you can use it over and over for other things, like your next event, thank yous and lead magnets. So certainly don’t put the date on a waterbottle, and maybe not event the event logo. Consider an inspirational message with your primary brand alongside it.

Keep date or event-specific branding to the paper printed contents. Those can usually be done quicker and in shorter runs.

What to do with any extras

At the end of the event, it’s highly likely you will either have extra event kits or items or have run out. Additionally, different items may have different minimum order quantities or required bundles (only sold by the dozen for example.) Generally, we can all agree running out at show time is not good. So erroring on the high side is absolutely preferred.  So then, what happens with the extras left over? We can either store them for a monthly storage fee, or ship them off to your destination of choice. Need us to pull something off the shelf and send it out? Ready to reactivate for your next event? Just give us a shout and we’re here to help.

Get creative with follow ups, thank yous and ongoing touch points

Have you thought of a way to say thank you to those who sign up for your offer for more? Consider follow-up gifts for your community when they onboard, throughout your program, or at special milestones.

Schedule your personal Connection Kits Brainstorming Session

Now is the time. Book your session today.

We will delve into the details of your next event. Get clear on your programming, goals, and right-fit client to help brainstorm the ideal Connection Kit of swag and activities to send your community.

Includes a 90 minute discovery and brainstorming session along with a personalized follow up proposal for your custom designed Connection Kit. Together we’ll design the perfect blend of swag and activities for your event and budget. Get back more time, money and freedom while we surprise and delight your community.