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Case Studies

Video Mastery Live – Case Study

We had the pleasure of partnering with Sage Event Management to produce event swag kits for Keri Murphy’s Video Mastery Live virtual event.  Ker’s event was focused on teaching her community how to show up and stand out using simple video marketing & branding secrets. 

N-Catt – GIS Tools Workshop

We designed the branding for the event including a logo design, map graphics pulled from their workshop materials including the specific location of the map image we used. In our discovery sessions, the book Design with Nature came up as an important reference for the origins of map-making and designing in harmony with the natural landscape. So we used the illustrations in that book as our design reference for inspiration.

A photo of a key shaped usb drive on a leather keychain, both with the N-Catt logo imprinted on them. Printed collateral and a bus is in the background.

N-Catt Data Workshop

We had the pleasure of partnering with N-Catt on a recent in person workshop entitled Harnessing Data to Get on the Right Track.

Case Study – Kimberly-Clark Employee Recognition Event

How to infuse joy into a virtual employee recognition event in the time of COVID? We were approached by Kimberly-Clark to work with them on a set of Connection Kits for theirs. Like most events at this time, it needed to be a virtual event to keep everyone safe. Realizing the importance of the real, our goal was to provide a fun tactile experience that would help bring some life… Read More »Case Study – Kimberly-Clark Employee Recognition Event

Community Bridge Map

As part of our collaboration with the 2020 AIGA Design Conference we designed a hands on connecting activity . Part of the Kit includes a  tactile project that’s part personal reflection exercise, part hands-on craft, and part networking connecting tool. Connection Kits Co-Founder John Hornsby is hosting a free workshop next Tuesday, Nov 24th at 7PM EST via Zoom, where we can do it together in real-time, share the results… Read More »Community Bridge Map