August 25th, 2022




Learn how to

Fill your room with excited prospects and convert more sales! Learn our proven 3D process to deliver branded experiences and swag that inspire your attendees into wanting more!

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Take your branded events to the next level!

Trust the Proven Process.

Join John Hornsby, Chief Creative Ninja at Connection Kits as we take you through the framework of our process of discovery that we’ve use with both corporate clients like Kimberly Clark and The Smithsonian as well as speakers and coaches offering purpose driven programs. Expect to be empowered to design more engaging experiences. Learn our secrets to inspire connection, impact your communities and increase conversions.

What's Happening During the Event?

Discover the keys to facilitating ideation by design.
Sample our secret sauce for designing awesome event swag kits.
Tools, Tips and Tech for fulfillment and delivery.

Guest Speakers

We have two amazing guest speakers in the wings to be announced soon. 

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