Resiliency Challenge

A key factor in being resilient is having solid relationships with people you can turn to. The key here is really quality over quantity. Your challenge is to build in some time for deeper connection, both with yourself and others. Who is that person in your life that you can lean on, or support? Check-in and see how they are doing. Can you set aside some time to connect with… Read More »Resiliency Challenge

Procrastination – Priority Management Worksheet

Our CreativeMornings inspired subscription box for April 2021 was based on the theme of procrastination. It included some fun and functional feels like Counter Culture coffee to get you started, a sweet bar of vegan organic Pascha chocolate to reward yourself for moving on from the procrastination station, a perpetual calendar puzzle, and a cute sticker from illustrator Annie Reiker. Plus a link to this playlist to get you motivated.… Read More »Procrastination – Priority Management Worksheet

Ripple – Random Notes of Kindness

This month’s connecting prompt is available as a download as well. Use any media of your choice to print out and color in these note cards. Once you’ve taken care of yourself consider the challenge below to practice random acts of kindness and send a ripple effect into your community.

Case Study – Kimberly-Clark Employee Recognition Event

How to infuse joy into a virtual employee recognition event in the time of COVID? We were approached by Kimberly-Clark to work with them on a set of Connection Kits for theirs. Like most events at this time, it needed to be a virtual event to keep everyone safe. Realizing the importance of the real, our goal was to provide a fun tactile experience that would help bring some life… Read More »Case Study – Kimberly-Clark Employee Recognition Event

Community Bridge Map

As part of our collaboration with the 2020 AIGA Design Conference we designed a hands on connecting activity . Part of the Kit includes a  tactile project that’s part personal reflection exercise, part hands-on craft, and part networking connecting tool. Connection Kits Co-Founder John Hornsby is hosting a free workshop next Tuesday, Nov 24th at 7PM EST via Zoom, where we can do it together in real-time, share the results… Read More »Community Bridge Map

Add a little color to your life

Here is a quick run-through of assembling the crystal pendant in our Creative Connection Kit for “Spectrum” September 2020. Drinking coffee or tea is a very important step. For maximum rainbow action, be sure not to skip it. When your done, share a picture of one of yours with the hashtags #connectionkitmatch & #creativemorningsck Explore these hashtags and find others who inspire you. Start a conversation, make a new friend,… Read More »Add a little color to your life

Happy Birthday Community Stress Relief

It’s CreativeMonrnings AVL’s birthday and we want to celebrate with you!!!  As a birthday gift to our community, CreativeMornings Asheville is teaming up with Connection Kits to send gifts to the first 50 people to register for tickets this Monday.  Since this month’s theme is stress, your Kit will have creative ways to connect and create joy.  Enjoy fun goodies from local shops like Moonlight Makers, Garden Party, and Cheap… Read More »Happy Birthday Community Stress Relief

And so the adventure begins

We came up with Connection Kits as a way to infuse joy and connection back into virtual events. Each Kit is curated to be fun, cozy, connective, and feels good. Elevate your next event by leveraging our unique insight, built on decades of experience in event marketing, production design, and nurturing relationships. Want monthly good vibes in your mailbox? Check our subscription line. We choose to be inspired by the… Read More »And so the adventure begins