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Procrastination – Priority Management Worksheet

Our CreativeMornings inspired subscription box for April 2021 was based on the theme of procrastination. It included some fun and functional feels like Counter Culture coffee to get you started, a sweet bar of vegan organic Pascha chocolate to reward yourself for moving on from the procrastination station, a perpetual calendar puzzle, and a cute sticker from illustrator Annie Reiker. Plus a link to this playlist to get you motivated.

This month’s activity prompt is available as a download today. Once you’ve taken care of yourself consider using our priority management worksheet to organize your to-do list and get things done.

Often what leads to procrastination isn’t knowing what to do, it’s knowing where to start. Managing time is often a matter of managing priorities.

Discerning between what is urgent and what is important is key.

Use this weekly or when your feeling overwhelmed. We’ll use three factors to determine what’s most important and
prioritize your list accordingly.

Urgency How soon it needs to be done.
Payoff How much value you gain from getting it done.
Ease How much time or effort it takes to get it done.

After using the worksheet. be sure to block out your day realistically. Make sure to schedule time for rest and self-care. Most of us are overly optimistic about how much we can really get done.

Consider a “Not to-do list”. What low-ranking tasks on your list can you admit your just not going to ever do? What time-wasting activities can you commit to not doing today?

How do you manage your time? Share your story and tag us on social.