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Resiliency Challenge

A key factor in being resilient is having solid relationships with people you can turn to. The key here is really quality over quantity. Your challenge is to build in some time for deeper connection, both with yourself and others.

Who is that person in your life that you can lean on, or support? Check-in and see how they are doing. Can you set aside some time to connect with them this week and offer each other some support?

While you’re thinking about that, download this free coloring sheet and spend a little time self reflecting. What do YOU need this week to make time for, just for you? Once you’ve colored in your sheet, share it on social media and tell us about it. Be sure to use hashtag #connectionkits and tag us!

The above was one piece of this months Creative Connection Kit Subscription. Every month we curate a box of joy based on an a one word theme from CreativeMornings. This month’s theme was Resilient.

“Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of
unimaginable strength. We are resilient.” Catherine DeVrye, The Gift of Nature

We curated a Kit to help cultivate those reserves and build your resiliency. Here’s what we had inside.

Coloring Activity – Art therapy is one form of self-care which is a key component to being resilient. Color in this
mindfulness mandala design by John Hornsby.

Natural Focus Tea – This box of Caturra coffee fruit tea from Twin Engine. Drink it hot or cold the choice is yours.

Life-Saving Snack Bar – This gluten-free dark chocolate and coconut snack bar also feeds a child in need thanks to the buy one, give one model of This Saves Lives.

Sticker fun – Cultivating a positive mindset is one key to building resiliency. We included a fun affirming sticker from Savannah and James Co. to go wherever you need the reminder that you’ve got this!

Stress Gone Essential Oil – A little aromatherapy can go a long way in easing your worries and melting away the stress. Contains coconut oil, sweet orange, coriander, cedarwood, lime, and benzoin.

Pollinator Seed Kit – This assortment of wildflower species from The Johnsteen Co. includes a variety specifically selected to support pollinators in your community. Bees and other pollinators are key to our resiliency as a planet.

If you’d like to get a monthly box of joy delivered to your door, subscribe today. Be sure to use code INFUSEJOY for 10% off your order.