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Ripple – Random Notes of Kindness

Random Notes of Kindness Coloring Cards:

Our CreativeMornings inspired subscription box for March 2021 included some fun and functional feels.

This month’s connecting prompt is available as a download today. Once you’ve taken care of yourself consider the challenge below to practice random acts of kindness and send a ripple effect into your community.

Your challenge is to use these cards and to create random notes of kindness.

Color them in or leave them uncolored. You might anonymously mail them out, slip them into books at your local free library, or leave them on the counter for that front-line worker in your life.


Want fun, functional feels inspired by CreativeMonrings in your mailbox each month? Click below to learn more.

Social share & connect:

Consider posting pictures of your experience with these random notes of kindness on social and be sure to tag @connectionkits